Creative Self Care for Stress Relief


Hi, I'm Jamie.

I help you unlock your hidden creativity so you can de-stress, rebalance, and find more peace in daily life.

De-stress with our complimentary Mindful Doodling Workshop

Yes, I want to de-stress with ease!

You are a creator.

You are creating all the time even if you don't see yourself as "creative".

Somewhere along the way between raising children, juggling work, family, and a spouse you lost your creative self.

You feel a void but not sure what it is.

Or maybe you do find moments for your creative passion but you're left wondering, "Why don't I do this more often?"

Now, imagine this:

  • You follow your passions and while maintaining balance in your daily life.

  • You shine who you are at your core, your authentic self.

  • You're ready to create the next chapter of your life where you create the life you desire. 




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